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In The Epic of Gilgamesh, the leader uses total dictatorship style to lead his people. He terrifies the people of Uruk. Gilgamesh has no intention of relinquishing power. At the commencement of the story, Gilgamesh is presented as a tyrant. However in the closing stages of the story after meeting with Enkidu, he is transformed into a better leader who identifies himself with the people. Gilgamesh embodies those leaders who are jealous of the powers that others possess and try to use it to the maximum. To Gilgamesh, his subjects do not really matter so long as he is in control. Within the entire epic, Gilgamesh’s most significant goal was to leave a legacy. To him a great bequest would be a story of all of his battles won, not understanding that a true legacy lies within the walls of Uruk, he thought his true endowment was being the greatest warrior, he believed that destruction and unnecessary battle would win him his legacy. After all of his losses, he realizes that his true birthright is to be the greatest king. This, however, changes after some time when he learns that he has no control over death. Gilgamesh transformed into a wise king whose subjects mattered to him more than his life.
In Senwosret (the Egyptian pharaoh in The Tale of Sinuhe), the leadership style that Senwosret uses is that of authoritarianism. Senwosret and they considered him to be like a god. This was different from Ensi who spoke for the gods; Pharaoh was considered to be like a god on earth and presided over a kingdom that included the upper and lower Nile River. Like Ensi, Pharaoh used his unquestioned power to organize the population and direct their efforts in massive large term projects. For a ruler to be able to organize the population and direct a plan for long-term development is what allowed both groups to develop and become a prosperous civilization.
Pericles was born in 494 BC into a very influential family. His father was an expanding political leader in terms of the areas ruled and general during the Persian wars. Notwithstanding his father’s key role as a strategos in overpowering the Persians at Mycale, he was not accepted in 484 BC. Pericles was one of the ten Strategos which though was an important and powerful position, still compulsory him to resort to other ways of standing out from the other Strategos and becoming the most powerful and influential. One of the techniques he did this was through funding Aeschylus’ play ‘The Persians.’ By doing this it built up his reputation and influence as his name was publically recognized, and everyone loved the play and this was essential as in a democracy, popularity meant a great deal to politicians. Another way he made himself powerful was by ostracizing Cimon, his rival, at a young age, which should his power and leadership skills. According to Plutarch, he also detached himself from the people’s party and began to represent the poor and the many rather than the rich and the few. He proposed a law that allowed the poor to watch theatrical performances without paying. is geared towards offering your the best essay writing service. In Augustus (Life of the Divine Augustus, Res Gestae) According to the Res Gestae, Gaius and Lucius were very much ‘groomed’ from a young age, making them ‘designated consuls’ at just ‘their fifteenth year’ as well as being ‘hailed as princeps iuventutis’, showing how Augustus put measures in place to ensure his adopted sons had control and a high standing in Rome. Augustus’ reign however as Tacitus also shows how ‘Marcus Agrippa, of undistinguished origins’ ‘helped him to victory’, Augustus even giving him co-consulship up to 23BC as well as making him aedile all before he was actually a family member, even providing aqueducts although Augustus did eventually marry him to his daughter Julia effectively then making him his son in law.
Charlemagne had various noteworthy accomplishments under his control in the Holy Roman Kingdom. Military takeovers was one of his utmost accomplishments. He fabricated a kingdom superior to any other meanwhile early Rome. Charlemagne commanded his territorial soldiers against adversaries in lands adjoining the kingdom. He captured new lands to the east and the south. He was the first front-runner who was able to lastly reunite Western Europe since the Roman Empire. Charlemagne also turns out to be the most powerful king in Europe at the time. Over his many takeovers, he guaranteed that Christianity was spread, the creed in that he sensed profoundly devoted. He battled Germanic communities and Lombards in Italy. Charlemagne furthermore had some vital cultural accomplishments. He sponsored and transformed education after it had degenerated in the former Dark Ages. Charlemagne requested Italian, Spanish, English and German scholars to impart in his kingdom. Charlemagne also necessitated that all clerics and brethrens in convents be well learned. In accretion to educational reorganizations, he helped resuscitate the literature,arts and architecture. Last but not least, Charlemagne altered the administration by being benevolent in that less power was given to the nobles. Charlemagne and his noble agents, named missi Dominici, sightseen throughout the empire to make definite that counts or influential landholders ruled their territories and treated people impartially. The reign of Charlemagne, complete his military and political success, brought order and affluence to much of Western Europe.
From the creation of time, many faiths have come to exist. Buddhist, Christian, and Muslim religions are distinctive because they are not confined to a single region. They have to begin with a way we all came about or our creation. Almost all the religions have the end of time prophesies, which are described in great detail in their books. The holy book states that Jesus will come back a firm human form and resurrect all and sundry that gave themselves to God, at this time a war of wars will be fought, and the great Rapture will occur. All the religions have laws have been governed by local governments and by the Church. All local or state government laws change depending on what country you are from or live currently in. But for the laws that Christians, Buddhist, and Muslim are supposed to follow, have been the same throughout time. For Muslims, they also have a version of these commandments written in the Quran, they, of course, are written differently, but they say the same. Also, Muslims worship Allah, which is God in Arabic. For the three religions, they have man rituals that build upon their life within the community. For most Christians, after birth, they will baptize the newborn into whatever denomination that the family worships. Throughout their lives, they will attend Sunday services where most of the community will meet up to worship God. This is also same with the two other is geared towards offering your the best essay writing service.


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