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Company project

Company Project (20%)

Issued Date: Wed 7th March 2012 (Week 4)
Due Date: BEFORE the Scheduled Final Exam (Week 12/13)

This is my company topic
*Anchor Resources (AHR) – is a mineral explorer with a diversified portfolio of highly prospective projects located all over New South Wales and Queensland
* this report have to fine about financial in hold last year 2011
* this is information from website


About the Company Project:
As part of the subject assessment and to obtain a pass in this subject, you must complete and submit this assignment, which requires you to research, complete a review of an Australian public company assigned (i.e. the company has ‘Ltd.’ at the end of it’s name not ‘Pty. Ltd.’) and prepare a typed report of the results of your review.

Each student is allocated with a different company. The allocation is conducted through a random computerised process. The company you are to review is listed in an Excel file titled “Company Project Allocation List” on Moodle.

1 Obtain the Latest Annual Report.
– To obtain a copy of the company’s latest Annual Report, you will need to either contact the company’s management by telephone, mail, email, or via the Internet.
– It is your responsibility to ensure that you obtained the Annual Report, and with ample time to analyse the Annual Report, then prepare and compile your Company Project.
– All “Hard copies’ of correspondence between you and your company (e.g. a ‘hard copy’ of your company’s Annual Report), must be mailed to the College that is:
Sample: To: ICMS
The International College of Management, Sydney
Darley Road,
NSW 2095.

Attention: Sam Po (your name)

– You are to keep a LOG on the Dates you contacted the company and the Name and Position of the personnel you have contacted.
– Knowing the staff’s Name of Position allows you to send a thank you card or note at a later date. Evidence of your gratitude response and the log entry should be included in your Company Project submission.

2 Length of your Assignment.
– The total word count of your Company Project is 1,500 words with 5% deviation allowance. (i.e. between 1,425 & 1,575).
– Penalty applies if the word count is under/over the 5% deviation allowance. (See: Part B: Word Count/Time Limit in the ICMS Style Guide 2012, P24-25)

3 Assignment Submission Format
– You are required to submit a Hard copy report.
– A printed copy of your assignment,( including a Cover Page and a Log on your communication, action and outcome with the company, Table of Contents, Appropriate Headings and subheadings, Question numbers, footnotes and Bibliography.)
– Your printed assignment should be presented professionally.
(i.e.: in quality printing and bundling.)
– Comply to the Part A: Assignment Layout in the ICMS Style Guide 2012, P24).
– The original copy of the Annual Report obtained. If you used the Internet versions of the Annual Report, you are required to photocopy ONLY the pages (in COLOUR) from your company’s Annual Report that you have used to support your completed assignment.
– N.B.:
– 50% of the assignment mark would automatically be deducted if the hardcopy report is not submitted by the due time and due date.
– Marks will be deducted if the ICMS Style Guide is NOT followed.

4 All questions that require numeric answers are to be answered using the company’s consolidated figures.

5 Copy of your Assignment- You must keep a copy of your assignment for contingency.

This assignment is to develop your familiarity with an Annual Report of a Company & to enable you to extract appropriate information to gain a better understanding about the company, as well as to assess the quality of the Annual Report, the performance and position of the company.

In your assignment, you should include the following points:
(1) An overview of the company’s principal activities including its aims & objectives, a clear indication of what the company does, it’s corporate profile & history, (e.g. when did it start trading? etc.).
(2) The highlights of the year (e.g. summary of financial results, major corporate events, etc.)
(3) Has the company been in the media during the year? Why?
(4) Does the company provide information about future plans? If it does, what are those plans?
(5) A review of the company’s operations in financial & descriptive terms.
The following questions are not a complete list but can be used as a guide of what you should include in your answer to this section of your review;
– What is the company’s share price on the ASX at the end of week 10 & at the end of week 11?- Have there been any changes in the Shareholders equity? What are they?
– Did the company pay a dividend? How much?
– Are there any comments by the company about their competition? If so, what are they?
– Are there any explanations of significant changes in Balance Sheet items between this year & last year?
– What are the totals of current & non-current assets? Have there been any changes between this year & last year? Why?
– What are the totals of current & non-current liabilities? Have there been any changes between this year & last year? Why?
– Can the company meet its immediate financial obligations, i.e. its current liabilities, (use the current ratio to illustrate)?
– Did the company make a profit or loss before tax? How much? Is it more or less than last year?
– What was the Profit Margin? Is it more or less than last year?
– Was any tax paid? How much?
– What is the amount of cash flows from operating activities? Investing activities? Financing activities?
(6) A review of Human Resources.
The following questions are not a complete list but can be used as a guide of what you should include in your answer to this section of your review and help develop knowledge of the company’s management:
– Who is CEO?
– What is his/her remuneration (i.e. cash salary & fees)? How many shares do they own?
– Who are the Directors?
– Are there any women Directors? How many?
– Are there any other nationalities as Directors? What are they?
– How many Directors’ meetings were held during the year?
– Did all directors attend those meetings?
– How much do the Directors get paid?
– What information (if any) is given about employees? Who are they? What do they do?
(7) What does the company do for the environment?
(8) What does the company do for the community?
(9) Does the company support any charities?
(10) Who are some of the principal owners (i.e. the 5 largest shareholders)?
(11) Who are the auditors? How much were they paid?
(12) Does management comment on the company’s corporate governance?
(13) Are there any comments about the company’s ethics policy?
(14) What do you think are the strengths & weaknesses of your company?
(15) Would you invest in this company? Why? or Why not?
(16) Comment on the report’s style, design & layout, it’s logical order, the table of contents, language, index, etc. (could your mother understand it?).
(17) Any other matter you think should be included in your company report. Thorough, thoughtful & credible information needs to be included.
(18) How co-operative was the company’s management assisting you with information needed for your report?
(19) Write a brief letter to the CEO and suggest any changes that you think might improve the company’s Annual Report (either part or all of it)
In this letter, also ask the CEO for information about one item in the Annual Report that has the most interest for you.
Include a copy of your letter to the CEO with your assignment.
(20) Write a brief letter of thanks for any help you received from the company (& the person at the company that you have been in contact with), to complete the requirements of your assignment. Include a copy of this letter with your assignment.

Words from your lecturers
It is natural to focus on & highlight information that you can easily obtain and readily accept, but it is professional to ensure that appropriate details and weight are given to less comfortable findings.
Grading for this assignment will include your commitment to the quality of your report. This will be reflected in the depth of your analysis, your choice and accuracy of additional information as well as your grammar and presentation.


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