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Crime- Economic Ideas in relation to Crime

opic for essay: Crime


Extensive research on ATLEAST 8 different authors

INCLUDING your choice of 6 economic texts from the recommended reading.

List of Recommended Readings:

Patel, R 2009 ‘Becoming Homo Economicus’, in The Value of Nothing, Black Inc, Melbourne, pp 25-40

Alfred, J 2009, ‘The Sovereign Consumer’, in The Skeptical Economist: Revealing the Ethics inside Economics, Earthscan, London, pp 11-45

Melleuish, G 2009, ‘Greed is great’, Institute for Public Affairs Reviews, Vol. 61, No 2, pp 23-24, viewed 24 June 2011

Freidman, M and Freidman R 1980/2003,’The Power of the Market’, in Argyrous, G & Stilwell, F (eds.) Economics as a Social Science: Reading in Political Economy, 2nd edition, Pluto Press Australia, Sydney, pp 126-131

Freidman, TL 2006, ‘ America and free trade: Is Ricardo Still Right’, The World is Flat: the globalized World in the Twenty-First Century, updated and expanded, Penguin, London, pp 263-277

Manne, R 2010, Is neo-liberalism finished?, in Manne, R & McKnight, D (eds.), Goodbye to all that: On the failure of neo-liberalism and the urgency of change, Black Inc, Melbourne, pp 73-76 & 86-89

Rudd, K 2009/2010, ‘Social Democracy and the Global Financial Crisis’, in Manne, R & McKnight, D (eds.) Goodbye to all that: On the failure of neo-liberalism and the urgency of change, Black Inc, Melbourne, pp 73-76 & 86-98

Present the body of literature that you have viewed, showing the links between economic ideologies and positions taken within your topic. Position yourself within this debate, too – state what you would recommend, based on your understanding of the economic ideas in the debate. That is, you need to answer the following questions:

1. Which economic concepts and ideas, if any, feature most prominently in your professional area debate? (e.g. choice, role of the state, progress, etc).
2. To what extent do economic ideologies influence the debate?

[i.e. if someone comes from a particular ideology (neoliberalism, social democracy or a radical approach), does this dictate, heavily influence, affect a little or not affect the kinds of things that they argue about your professional area debate? (e.g. do most social democrats argue for the same or similar things, but most neoliberals argue for something else, or is it more complicated and diverse than that?).]

3. Given those answers and your own opinion about economic ideas and ideologies, what do you argue is a good policy response?

You will need to explain the major economic ideologies to your reader before you can indicate their ideological position. For example, you might have a paragraph in your essay which explains neoliberalism and a paragraph which explains Keynesian social democracy. You might include paragraph/s on a radical ideology. In those paragraphs, you need to emphasise some of the differences between these ideologies for example in regards to understandings of individuals and human nature, or understandings of how to think about society (etc. – whatever is most relevant for your issue). Then (and only then), you can have a paragraph similar to the example below (note: this is almost entirely made up and is using Harvard in-text referencing):

Lee (2005), Nguyen (2002) and Harvey (2008) all argue that policy should be based on creating incentives and penalties for clients. They share the assumption that humans respond to these kinds of monetary incentives, making incentives the single most effective policy instrument. They all have similar neoliberal ideas, emphasising the choices that individuals make. Hence, Lee (2005), Nguyen (2002) and Harvey (2008) claim that the best policy solution is to charge clients penalties for non-compliance or reward them monetarily for good behaviour. They do differ, however, in their specific application of this idea, with Harvey (2008, p. 45) and Lee (2005, pp. 27-34) advocating monetary penalties that increase in severity for repeat offenders whilst Nguyen (2002) instead argues for similar monetary penalties, but also increasing rewards for continued compliance (p. 72).

The next paragraph would present the social democratic and/or radical authors in the contemporary debate who don’t share this neoliberal view of human beings. You might do similar paragraphs for some other economic concepts, for example relating to how the authors think about the role for the state in relation to your topic.

The economic concepts you focus on (say, human nature, or the role for the state, or how to think about natural resources) will be determined by your topic and the most relevant concepts.

You must reference at least six of the key or further readings for the course regarding the discussion of economic concepts. You must reference eight (as the minimum) authors from within the debate about your topic..

Your essay must:

1. have a clear introduction;
2. present economic ideologies covered in the course (and debates about those ideologies), highlighting differing views about concepts that are crucial to unpacking your topic;
3. present the differing viewpoints within your topic, linking your grouping of viewpoints to their likely economic ideology, and assumptions about economic ideas;
4. outline your position in the debate about your topic, based on your understanding of the economic ideologies, and justifying your stance; and
5. have a conclusion.

We are not asking you to solve the problem you investigate, but we are asking you to identify what role economics and economic ideologies play in understanding the varied perspectives of the topic, and understanding the various solutions put forward to solve it.

Assessment criteria:

Your essay will be assessed and feedback provided according to how well you have:

1. accurately represented the many viewpoints within the contemporary debate, based on academically sound, extensive research of at least 8 different authors (25%)
2. plausibly represented the authors’ economic ideologies including use of six economic texts from the course readings or recommended readings (15%)
3. reasonably identified the relationship/s between the authors’ ideologies and their position within the contemporary debate (15%)
4. outlined your point of view on the debate, indicating the economic principles you favour that informed your approach (15%)
5. used a clear narrative structure including an effective introduction, clear development of ideas in main section, and summarising conclusion with no new information (10%)
6. used good writing, expression, spelling and grammar (10%)
7. accurately referenced using a recognised referencing system (both in-text citations and a final reference list) (10%)

Other Relevant Information

Presentation of Assessment Tasks

Please prepare your assessment tasks on A4 sized paper with a font size of not less than 12 points and margins that allow comments to be inserted. Please double space the lines (in MS Word, this can be done by changing the format of the paragraph – do not use manual returns at the end of each line to achieve this!). If you use recycled paper you must clearly strike through pages that are not to be read. Do not hand in your work in plastic covers or binders, because it adds time for teachers to get them out for their marking, increases weight when carrying around assignments, and makes it more difficult for tutors to insert comments in the margins.


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