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Describe the culture or cultures that exist in your police department

Question 1. Describe the culture or cultures that exist in your police department.
Over the last 50 years, police cultures have been the major subject for inquiry and debate to many researchers and practitioners. Police culture can be described as the norms, values craft rules or perspectives which inform the police conduct. Additionally, the police cultures can be described as the informal values and norms that the police operate under that are an apparently rigid hierarchical structure that exists in most police organizations. In my police department, there exists a rigid framework in which the police work under. In order for the police officers to work effectively under this culture, they have to ensure that they work under the orders of their superiors. The ranks that the police have means that an officer of a higher rank has the ability to overrule the decision that an officer from a lower rank has made. There is little-devolved decision-making process.
Culture has an immense impact on the police officers’ ability to perform their job. This is because the culture that the police have can give meanings to the experiences that the police have while enhancing the social bonds amongst the police officers. Additionally, the police culture can act as an obstacle in the manner that they conduct their day to day activities. Police officers are required to adapt to any change and any circumstance that befalls them and ensure that they execute their jobs to the public. However, sometimes there rises some cynicism about certain places and police officers who are reluctant to see that their police work extends much more than just police work. Some police officers believe that their job does not go beyond crime fighting. When programs such as the enforcement of law in peoples who are reentering the society who are returning from prisons or jails, some officer have some reservations about such programs. Therefore in some way, the cultures that the police officers have may restrict how they perform certain functions that are required of them.
Question 2. Several bombs explode in your city, creating major damage, destruction and loss of life. Half of the police officers are killed, leaving just half of the officers to do all of the work. You are assigned to determine what problems will this cause for the officers? How will the officers react to this scenario? What are the long-term effects on them? What steps must you take to make sure the work is done?
When a disaster such as the explosion of several bombs creates a major damage towards the city kicking several police officers, there are various problems that the police officers will face. The main problem that the police officers will face is the lack of enough personnel to execute their responsibility as half of their colleagues will have been killed. The second problem that the police officers may have is the issue of motivation. Some police officers may lack motivation to go to a job as some of their colleagues have been killed. The third problem is the breakdown in the chain of command. Police officers normally work on a rigid chain of the command system. When half of the police officers are killed, there is a possibility that some higher ranked police officers who are responsible for assigning duties may have been killed. This makes it hard for the police officers to ensure that the police work run smoothly. The reaction of the police officers may take two forms. Some of the police officers may feel motivated to fight crime and bring justice to their colleagues who have been killed, and some other may just lack the motivation to work again. In the short term the impacts may not be seen clearly however, in the long run, some of the police officers may suffer from psychological problems.
In order for the work to be done after the disaster has struck, one of the key functions is to set up a camp whereby it will act as the main source of authority. A list of the police officers who are still alive and willing to work will be set aside. The officers who are of a higher rank will be given the responsibility to ensure that they take charge of the lower ranked police officers. Additionally a counseling center should also be created so that the police officers who have been in devastating circumstances are treated.
Question 3. It is said that policing in America is at a crossroad. What does that mean and what are the alternatives?
The rates of victimization in America has fallen over the last few years. The public has become preoccupied with policing whereby the impact of crime control has receded. This is due to the instances of terrorism. The manner in which the individuals are arrested for their crimes is increasingly getting the public polarized especially in regard to racial lines. The costs of the strategic method of policing in America are no longer confined to minorities and the poor. The manner in which the people from the other races are treated by the police means that they feel there is a racial bias towards them. The manner in which the law enforcement officers relate to the minorities or the communities that they serve is increasingly being questioned. This is in regard to the amount of force that the police personnel use. Additionally, there has been evidence to suggest that there is real and perceived bias both within and outside the law enforcement. In order to deal with the issue of policing being at crossroads, the law enforcement agencies should enforce a status quo that is fair to all the communities in America. The other alternatives include zero tolerance policies and the order maintenance model. There is no need to restructure the police function radically. Additionally a procedural justice model should be set up and emphasized.
Question 4. What professional standards should every police officer be required to meet? Why? Please explain your answer in detail.
The place has to maintain a very high standard of honesty and integrity. This makes the police officers believable and accountable. The second sets of standards that must be maintained by the police include a sense of authority, respect, and courtesy. The third set of the standard is the equality and diversity in their day to day operations. The next standard is the use of force. The police officers are required to use the necessary force depending on the situation and circumstance that they are in. the police officers should have clearly cut duties and responsibilities to the American people. The other set of the standard is the confidentiality standards. The police officers should also be fit for duty. Additionally, the police officers have to know that there is the discreditable conduct and off-duty conduct. These professional codes of conduct ensure that the police are in a position to determine and correctly judge the situations that they find themselves in. when the police officers violate these conducts, then they should be punished. This is because the government has bestowed them the responsibility of enforcing the law on the citizens. It would be very unfortunate for police officers to break the laws that they are supposed to enforce.
Question 5. Please describe the eras of American policing, how and why policing has continued to change. Please also describe how you believe policing in year 2050 will be different from policing today?
There are three eras of American policing. They include the political era, the professional era and the era of conflicting pressures. In the political era, the authorization of the police was primarily political. Their function was crime control, order maintenance, and broad social services. They used foot patrol and rudimentary investigations. In the professional era which is sometimes termed as the reform era, the police did not get authorization from the politicians but rather the government. Automobiles were used, and the police had guns. In the era of conflicting pressures, the police were far much equipped to deal with the different protests. The equipment that the police had at their disposal was high class. The police serve as an independent force to enforce law and order.
Policing is constantly changing. This may be due to the advancement in technology. By the year 2050, I believe that the police will be in a position to enforce the law based on the technology that would have been developed. The police could use technology to identify whether one has committed a crime. The police officers will have enough information provided to them through video analysis systems. The weapons that the police officers would have would be to suppress and not to kill.


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