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Dissertation guidelines custom essay

• There should be clear links throughout the dissertation.
• There should be no spelling, punctuation or syntax errors.
• 1.5 spacing should be used.
• The format is that for an academic dissertation, but should include a clear executive summary.
• The dissertation must be written in the 3rd person.
• All Tables and Figures/Charts must be numbered and a subheading provided.
• All draft submissions must be in the correct format from the

Table of Contents (Not part of Word Count)
• The Table of Contents should provide a full guide to the dissertation.
• It should include main headings and sub-headings, plus the bibliography, any appendices, and the actual word count.
• The dissertation should include page numbers.
• Tables or figures/charts in the text must be listed separately at the end of the Table of Contents.

Executive Summary
• A full executive summary should act as a guide to the dissertation.
• It should be a summary of the whole dissertation and include objectives, research methods used, main findings, and key recommendations.
• Use paragraphs.
• The executive summary should prove valuable information, feeding back findings to the employer organisation and should normally not be longer than one page.

The introduction should set the scene for the whole dissertation. Chapter 1 includes, but is not limited to the following:
1. Introduction
2. Background of the Company
2.1 History of the Company
2.2 Current Scenario (with relation to the topic)
3. Problem Statement (derived from the current scenario)
3.1 State main problem (against the backdrop of par. 2.2)
3.2 Any sub-problems flowing from this?
4. Research Objectives
4.1 Research objectives derived from the problem statement
5. Scope of Research
In some cases it might be necessary to state the scope of the research (e.g. only Dubai office, only HR Department, etc.)
6. Research Structure
Brief account (two to three sentences) of what you will be doing in Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, etc.
7. Conclusion

Literature Review
• This should help to substantiate the problem/topic area, and contextualise the problem/issue.
• The topic should be confirmed through reading and through consultation with the organisation and supervisor.
• It should include relevant texts in the field and recent empirical research where available.
• There should be appropriate reference to academic journals such as Human Resource Management Journal, International Journal of Human Resource Management and Personnel Review.
• Web resources can be very useful for finding out about recent debates. For example, you might wish to explore both pressure group and BERR (Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulations) versions of events. However, you must also use relevant academic journals and engage in not just practitioner but also academic debates.
• The literature should reflect both breadth and depth, with a careful critical analysis of literature.
• Comparisons and evaluations should be undertaken where appropriate.

Research Methodology
• This should include the choice of methods and the research process.
• In explaining the choice of methods, reference should be made to how relevant research texts/examples of research have helped to inform the approach taken.
• You will find useful information about research methods in this handbook and you should also consult some of the recommended textbooks on writing dissertations.
• The selected approach should have a strong rationale for why the research was carried out in this way, and be soundly justified, showing why this is the ‘best approach’.
• This will include a critique of different approaches and an evaluation of methods used.
• The explanation of how the research was carried out should include an evaluation of the methods used, including some reference to their limitations.

Findings and Discussion
• All dissertations should seek to incorporate primary research, which should be clearly presented.
• There should be selective use and discussion of tables/ quotes.
• Appropriate analysis techniques should be used, and there should be careful interpretation of data.
• The section should usually consist solely of research findings. There should be a clear link between the method used and the findings in each case.
• The discussion should be clearly related to the findings, and should draw on best practice highlighted in the literature review.
• Links should be drawn between theory in the literature and the findings of research.
• What does your research add to what has been done before?
• Where are the similarities and differences?
• There should be consideration of the extent to which the dissertation has met its original objectives.
• Consideration should be given to professional and ethical issues.
• Does it make an ‘original’ contribution? And how might it have implications for broader policy debates?
• This section can take the form of a summary of the discussion where the main points from the discussion are drawn out and presented to provide support for the recommendations.
• The recommendations are very important, since they are the final outcome of your dissertation, and may be used to influence company policy and practice.
• They should explain what should be done, by whom, and when.
• They should be realistic and justified, and indicate a time frame for implementation with reference to priorities.
• There should be reference to any discussion that has taken place with the employing organisation about the feasibility of the recommendations.
• Feasibility should also be discussed, and you should include some cost/benefit analysis – if appropriate. There should be consideration of professional and ethical issues, and an awareness of strategic issues/horizontal and vertical integration.
• This could also include recommendations for future research and any limitations of the study identified.
• The learning review should aim to be reflective, and demonstrate that the student is a thinking performer/ reflective practitioner.
• It should be relatively short, but should include reflection on changing attitudes, skills, knowledge, and emotions, with reference to supporting examples.
• The learning review should also refer to limitations in carrying out the research, and also to blockages and hindrances and how these were overcome.
• Where possible, it should aim to include reference to the process of feeding back findings to the employer/ placement organisation.
• Where this was not possible some explanation should be given as to why this was the case.

References (Not part of Word Count)

• All ideas/sources should be referenced carefully.
• Sources should be referenced using the Harvard style of referencing.
• Footnotes should not be used for referencing.
• Sources should include key texts in the field, and up-to-date peer reviewed research.

Appendices (Not part of Word Count)
• Appendices should be used selectively.
• Any information that is supplementary to the main body of the text should be set out in appendices.
• They should include documents that justify findings such as a completed questionnaire or a sample of an interview schedule or transcribed interview.
• They might include relevant organisational policy documents


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