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How to write a Research Proposal custom essay

The Research proposal needs to be in five sections, as follows:

Introduction and Aims

You need to set out a clear statement of the issue or problem and describe your aims in investigating it. You should also set out your reasons for selecting this particular issue/problem and what you anticipate gaining from the project.Get custom written proposal at my private

The starting point must be a broad subject area – for example, labour turnover, training and development, etc. or even a sub-theme within them such as retention of staff in the hotel industry. Whether you have an idea at this stage or not, you need to determine the broad subject area in which either:
1. your proposed issue or problem is located; or
2. you have an interest and would like to find a topic for investigation.

Identifying the broad subject area is important, as you need to locate the final topic chosen in its academic and practical context. This provides the framework within which the issue or problem exists, and you will have to map this framework as part of your literature review. As you undertake your literature review, you need to be thinking constantly about the topic, which you will, or might, investigate. If you do not have a specific topic at this stage, give some preliminary thought to what it might be. Do not be afraid changing your focus as your reading continues. This is the process of homing in on exactly what you want to investigate. However, make sure that you do this in consultation with your supervisor.Get custom written proposal at my private

For research to be effective it must have a purpose. You have to define that purpose clearly within the dissertation in terms of stating your aims. You should usually formulate an overall aim (e.g. what you want to find out) and more specific objectives (e.g. the key issues that you will be exploring in order to achieve your aim).

Once you have fixed on a specific issue or problem, ask yourself what you want to achieve – for example:
1. come up with some practical solutions;
2. test a particular hypothesis or assertion;

This will lead you on to a consideration of appropriate enquiry methods and, may, perhaps, cause you to re-define the aims or even the definition of the issue/problem itself, in the light of what is realistic and achievable within the context of the project. Get custom written proposal at my private

Literature Review

The literature review provides the context to the problem or issue in terms of an analysis of existing knowledge. At this stage, it is expected that you will have some idea of the broad areas of literature that you might investigate. The literature will later frame the definition and approach to the problem or issue, and establish a conceptual framework for the study. Although it is important to start this very early on, it is likely to be extended by further reading during your research and perhaps revised in the light of further consideration of the subject area.Get custom written proposal at my private

Research Structure

This section identifies the way in which you are going to investigate the issue or problem – the nature of the data you intend to collect, the enquiry methods, and the approach to the analysis of the data gathered. Initially you need to set out the way in which you will research the problem or issue identified as the subject of your dissertation. You should refer back to your overall aim and objectives and identify your use of primary and secondary data, and quantitative and/or qualitative data. Primary data might result from interviews, questionnaires and/or observation. Secondary data might include company policies or statistics. Explain how you might gain the information (where, from whom) and identify why this particular data (or types of data) is appropriate to your needs. Get custom written proposal at my private

You might also identify the particular research strategy – for example, survey, case study, experiment, etc., and how you are going to carry it out. You also need to show that you understand the different types of research methodology and explain why your chosen strategy is appropriate for your project aims. The whole research design needs to be both appropriate to the investigation of your chosen problem or issue, and realistic in terms of being an achievable body of work in the timescale you have determined.Get custom written proposal at my private

Ethical Issues

An important part of any research is the consideration of ethical issues related to the processes, outcomes and implications of the project. In your project/dissertation proposal and later in the methodology section you should discuss the ethical implications of your study.

What are the key ethical issues?

If you are using human participants, the key issues are likely to include (among others): informed consent, confidentiality, equity, balance of benefits/risks, protection of the vulnerable, compliance with the Data Protection legislation. For example, does the research involve discussions of sensitive topics affecting individual respondents? Does the research involve access to confidential or personal records? Will the research be conducted without full and informed consent of the participants? Is there a risk that the data will be treated without full confidentiality so that interviewees are identifiable? Get custom written proposal at my private

If you are not using human research participants you would still need to consider things such as (among others): compliance with the Data Protection legislation and resource utilisation.

It is your responsibility to ensure that you have considered all relevant ethical issues and you should consult the Academic Board’s Policy Statement on Ethics, the university’s code of practice on research principles and procedures and CIPD’s Code or Professional Conduct.
Does the study require ethical approval? Get custom written proposal at my private

In order to ensure that the Business School complies with governance requirements, a Research Ethics Approval (REA) form has been introduced. All students intending to conduct research as part of their programme must complete an on-line REA form, print off a copy and obtain the written approval of their supervisor/lecturer before proceeding. In most cases, there will be no major ethical implications in the work being undertaken. The use of the form ensures that students consider whether any ethical issues may arise and either develop strategies to deal with them or modify their project to ensure that it is conducted in accordance with university policies. Where there is doubt about research ethics issues, the student must consult with their supervisor and, where necessary, the matter should be considered by the Department’s Research Leader. All cases of serious ethical concern MUST be referred to the School Ethics Committee’s Research Ethics Sub- committee (RESC). Get custom written proposal at my private

Guidance on how to complete the REA form is set out below:


How to use the research ethics approval form?

1. As soon as you have finalised your project topic and discussed research methodology with your supervisor go to
2. Click on “Student Research Proposal – New Application”
3. Read the University’s statement; tick the box to indicate that you have understood the principles and procedures and log on the system using your student number.
4. Answer the questions and save the form.
5. Notify your supervisor that you have completed the form.
6. Once your supervisor informs you that your project/dissertation has been approved, you can log back on the system and print the form. Sign it and include it in your project/dissertation as an appendix. Get custom written proposal at my private


Chapters 1 to 3 must be completed within the timelines given. It is important to have achievable targets and to show an understanding of the work to be done and the implications that has for time planning. You will need to give this careful consideration and identify exactly what is involved in carrying out the research for the dissertation, how long each aspect is going to take and what this means for the final completion date. You should split the work into logical steps – for example, when the research will commence and finish, the analysis phase, drafting the dissertation and first presentation, and the submission date for the final version – and set out intermediate targets (in terms of dates) for completing chapters 4 to 5. This will be understandably tentative at the beginning stage, and might be refined in later consultation with your supervisor. Get custom written proposal at my private


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