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Human Resource Management Contribution to Organizations and Society

Structure ESSAY
Task: HRM Contribution to Organizations and Society
This essay is designed to allow students to:
•Understand the basics of HRM, its function, and role (textbook, ch. 1)
•Analyze, critically discuss, and contrast two theoretical concepts – HRM and Ethics
•Explain the contribution of HRM (ch.1) and Ethics (ch. 15) to human beings, organizations, and society at large
•Describe “one” of the various ways and practical implications of ethics for HRM
•Develop analytical, critical, and communication skills appropriate for participating in an organizational, industrial, and national environment shaped by HRM and Ethics

Details: The Ethics of Human Resource Management
Your textbook (Kramar et al. 2011, p. 4) defines HRM in the following way “HRM refers to the policies and systems that influence employee’s behaviors, attitudes, and performance. Many refer to HRM as ‘people management. To achieve effective outcomes in terms of individual and ultimately organizational performance, these practices need to be linked with organizational goals, or organizational strategy. This is achieved through HR practices that consistently influence employee attitudes and behavior so as to achieve organizational goals”. Chapter 15 of your textbook is about “Ethics and HRM” (p. 544-546). Your textbook (Kramar et al. 2011:542) notes “in many ways, HR professionals are now expected to act as ethical stewards, or the ‘conscious’ of organizations’. In other words, modern HRM professionals are requested to “advocate improvements to practice” (learning outcome no. 3) on the grounds of ethical awareness, knowledge of ethical theories, and their application to HRM practices. This demands that today’s HR managers are able to have a good, comprehensive, and critical understanding of ethics and to use their knowledge to “advocate improvements to the practice” of HRM.
To achieve a comprehensive understanding and to develop the ability to “advocate improvements to the practice” of HRM, your essay question (see below) relates ‘Ethics and HRM’ as outlined in chapter 15 of your textbook by focusing on “four” [4] key ethical theories (see also: Klikauer 2010: Kant: p. 68- 87; Consequentialism: p. 47-67; virtue ethics: p. 25-46; justice: 148-169).

In summary form, these four versions of ethics argue:
1-(Kantian Ethics): act in such a way that you treat humanity, whether in your own person or in the person of any other, always at the same time as an end and never merely as a means to an end
2 – ( Consequentalism)
Utilitarianism “the greatest pleasure for the greatest number.” (Bentham) “People can do anything they like as long as it does not harm others” (Mills)

3 -(Virtue Ethics )Eudaimonia (εὐδαιμονία)
is a state variously translated from Greek as’well-being’, ‘happiness’, ‘blessedness’, and in the context of virtue ethics, ‘human flourishing’ (Aristotle).
4-( Justice Ethics)
Distributive justice concerns what is socially just with respect to the allocation of goods, such as wages, for example (Rawls)

In your essay, select “one” of the four ethical theories outlines above and below [1-4] and critically discuss (for & against) the following statement: “HRM is unethical because…”
1- HRM treats people as a means, a tool, an instrument, a devise, a resource and NOT as a human being and person ‘in-itself’ (Kant)
Kantian Ethics:
2- HRM does not bring any pleasure to any number of people at work; instead it forces people into a managerial regime by manipulating
human behavior in organizational behavior geared toward the bottom line; Does harm people (failure to gain employment, low pay grades, alienating work designs (ch. 6), failure to prevent bullying at work, sexual harassment, etc., disciplinary actions, dismissals, etc.) Consequentalism
3 HRM is not interested in ‘well-being’, ‘happiness’, ‘blessedness’, and ‘human flourishing. Instead it prevents this. There is no term such as organizational happiness. While virtue ethics focuses on the moral character, character-building is not part of HRM’s Learning and
Development” (textbook, ch. 11)
Virtue Ethics
4 HRM violates distributive justice because the pay-gap between men and women, for example, continues to remain socially unjust.
Justice Ethics
Kramar, R., Bartram, T. & De Cieri, H. (2011) Human Resource Management in Australia- Strategy,
People, Performance (4th ed.), Sydney: McGraw-Hill (chapters 1 and 5).
Klikauer, T. 2010. Critical Management Ethics, Basingstoke (UK): Palgrave.
Check e-resources listed in this unit outline and available through the UWS Library portal.

Essay Requirement:
The essay should answer the question using a clear structure (introduction, body and conclusion and no dot points), split into the size of roughly ¼ for introduction, ½ for main body, and ¼ for conclusion.
It must demonstrate evidence of wide reading – a minimum of ten (10) academic references are required. Note that most Internet sites are popular references, not academic references. However, the use of online academic journals contained in the e-collections of the UWS Library web-site is acceptable, and indeed, encouraged.
The essay must use the Harvard system of referencing to indicate all sources of information and include an alphabetized reference list of those sources cited in the essay.
Do NOT uses Wikipedia as a source for any work undertaken in this unit. Citation of this source will be penalized by way of a loss of marks or more severe penalty.

Students should refer to the additional resources available at: the HRM vUWS web site.
Students must use Human Resource Management Individual Written Paper/ Individual Essay Marking
Guide in this learning guide to self-evaluate their case study prior to its submission
A copy of this Guide is to be attached to your individual written paper prior to its submission
Marking Criteria and standards
Refer to the marking guide on the following page.

1- Please read be-carefully the academic essay writing guide attached.
2- Please I want to get a high distinction in this essay. To get that the essay has to be:
• Theoretical perspective to critically discuss ’employee= asset’ :
1- Sociological, historical, economical, political science, philosophical theories, feminism, etc.
2- Durkheim, Marx, Weber (big three)
3- Human relations school, critical theory, action theory, industrial relations theory, rational choice theory, symbolic- interaction theory, political organization theory, post- modernism, feminism, communication theory, Marxism, pragmatism, labour process theory, actor-network theory, system theory, etc.
• Very good discussion (+/-) with good arguments that are supported; good link between literature and argument.
• Excellent use of literature and critique on literature.
• Mostly journal articles and proper books, on textbooks, no textbooks and no or few websites.

Essay has to writen in duoble space, pages number and harvard style.


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