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Law enforcement challenges

Putting together hundreds of Personal computer networks has fashioned a virtual space on which much of the world’s commerce and communication now depends on. Email, peer-to-peer data sharing, and wireless networks are instances of the information that enables almost unlimited access to data. This access comes with a noteworthy risk. Criminals, terrorists, and foreign industrial participators share this access to data as well. In the industrial age, we sheltered ourselves with high walls and deadly weapons. Nonetheless, in the digital age, the attainability and rapid development of cyberweapons necessitates layers of defenses and enhanced consciousness of confrontational competencies and intentions (Urbas, 2012).Get a well written paper at
There are a number of challenges that law execution has to deal with cyber-crime, one of the paramount task facing law enforcement interventions in examining misuse, cyber stalking, and obscenity is the power of anonymity. Anonymity gives the Culprit a sure gain in that, without the target expressive, he could either around the corner, in another country, state or even next door. The fake intruder could be an ex- friend or lover, a total guest met in a chat room, or somebody playing a joke on an unsuspecting victim. The anonymous use of public access points, for instance, Internet cafés, is a very serious issue, considering that a crime stanch using those structures may be impossible to trace back to the perpetrator. Detectives do not have effective countermeasures to deal with this issue. Video surveillance systems are in use, but trying to identify the criminal is still a problem.
Jurisdictional issues also dent the fight against cyber crime. This is because the concept of jurisdiction is in regard to the agency or the court that has the legal authority in the administration of justice in regard to the crime that has been committed. The issue of jurisdiction is based on different factors that include the branch of law, the type of case, and the monetary damages, grade of the offense and the level of government. In terms of the branch of law, there are three branches of law; civil law, criminal law, and regulatory law. The criminal law normally deals with offenses that are normally prosecuted by the government and can be remedied by imprisonment, monetary fines or even death penalties. Soukieh (2011) notes that the regulatory agencies, on the other hand, deal with the specific industries or individual organization and can thus impose fines on the organizations or cancel the licenses given to the organizations or individuals. The civil law, on the other hand, has the jurisdiction to all the civil cases. It is thus difficult to solve a case that involves a crime that overlaps all the branches of law. Get a well written paper at
The type of case also provides a stumbling block in the pursuit of justice in that there can be different agencies that are assigned to a particular case. One of the courts may find the case as a criminal activity in a civil law court, and the other agencies believe that the case deserves a different approach in that it is in its jurisdiction. The grade of the case is also impacted by jurisdiction in that a simple crime can affect a lot of people especially cases involving scams.
Specific challenges that overlapping of jurisdictions poses in the fight against cyber-crime
The specific challenge is that the overlapping issues provide a difficulty in the implementation phase of the law enforcement agencies. The problem may not only affect a specific area but also other areas. The problem may be caused by different individuals who live in different territorial places. The contest is for all the stakeholders to come up with a strategy of fighting the crime that has a large scope. In the case whereby the crime crosses borders or nations, finding the right balance between the different law enforcement agencies fighting the crime is difficult (Bensted, 2012). In some cases, some governments fund hackers to phase information from other countries. The governments in question would obviously not cooperate with the affected country in the investigations and prosecutions as was the case between North Korea and the United states. The problem is also compounded by the desire of the country of the cyber criminals to protect the individuals from certain nationalities. Additionally, there is a huge time spent on the request of information from one jurisdiction to another especially if the different jurisdictions do not want to cooperate with each other. The process is normally expensive, lengthy and cumbersome. Get a well written paper at
Salient solution(s) for overcoming the challenge jurisdiction poses
One of the main solutions is the collection of data in a manner that is fast and professional. Experts are needed to handle the evidence. The individuals who handle the evidence should also be trained in the field so as to ensure that the people handling the evidence are trained. This is because if the jurisdictional areas are violated, the cases may be lost. A legal framework should be designed to deal with the issue of jurisdiction. All law enforcement agencies should work together to minimize the impacts of cyber crimes.
The issue as to whether law officers should work together have the ability to work with one another is that the officers should work together. One of the best argument for the law enforcement officers working together is that by working together, huge resources are available for the task at hand. The sharing of vital information also has a huge impact on that some of the law enforcement officers may be in possession of evidence that their counterparts can use. A good example is when the evidence in one state cannot be used as it is an invasion of privacy while the federal detectives can use the information as a matter of national security and introduce it as evidence. State lines should thus not be used to defend cybercrimes.
The challenges that the law enforcement agencies face can be further compounded by the tendency of the affected individuals to be reluctant to report the issues to the police. Sometimes, the witnesses are non-cooperative since they feel that the criminals may have made them look stupid. The information can be used by the law enforcement agencies to identify the trends that the criminals use. Additionally, the problem that results due to the anonymity of the cybercriminals is that it makes it difficult for the victims to identify them. However the coordination of the several jurisdictional agencies can go a long way in ensuring that the problem is rooted out. Through the coordination of the different states, the information about the cybercriminals can be collected fast and in a secure manner. Additionally, through the different coordination strategies, the different states can get experts from other states who can be used to analyze the data.Get a well written paper at

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