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Organizational analysis custom essay

It is very evident that organizations form an integral portion of our lives as we are immersed in them from our childhoods to adulthood. Initially, we begin from schools, churches, sporting teams’ as we are younger then we move to larger organizations such as universities, the military service, the criminal justice system and then our ultimate social lives. Among these various organizations, the criminal justice system plays an integral portion in our lives as we are deemed to be in contact with most of its components whether we know it, or it is subconscious. The type of involvement that we may find ourselves in may include being a member of the jury to fighting a traffic ticket in the courts as noted in my private
. Additionally, one may find himself as a member of the criminal justice organization as a police constable who enforces the law or the judge who makes the various rulings in court. According to Batra (1991), there are various organizational characteristics such as specialization and hierarchy that affects how an organization functions. The levels of specialization and the leadership of the organizations influences the decisions that lead to the decision making process.Get custom written paper at my private

In terms of specialization, the criminal justice system can be seen as being composed of many sections such as the courts, the police, and the prisons. Additionally, the individuals working on the process of justice such as the defendants and the prosecutors also affect the outcomes of the decisions being made. When an individual is specialized in a specific field, all the activities done in that field have to be done expertly. The criminal fairness system has to be seen as providing justice to all the parties involved. If a person feels that the level of justice that is afforded to him is not sufficient, then the individual has the right to appeal the decision that has been made so that justice is served as noted in my private
. This means that all the sectors of the administration of justice has to be perfect. One of the main potential impact of the specialization in the provision of justice is the guarantee that the individuals in court get the right decisions based on the evidence provided in court. A good example is when an individual has to handle evidence. It is up to the police investigating a certain case to provide evidence in court in accordance with the complaints of the parties involved. This means that the police has to carefully guarantee that the evidence is not meddled with. Additionally, the police department can have a section of individuals who are specialized to deal with some kinds of evidence. A good instance is when the issue of DNA has to be incorporated to the evidence that is needed in court. It is not everybody who has the technical skills to determine the DNA that is in the evidence. An expert is needed in the determination of the evidence. The outcome of the decision being made in court is immensely influenced by the opinion of the expert dealing with the DNA. Before a judge or the jury makes their decision, the information provided by the individuals who have specialized in the determination of the DNA evidence has to be considered. The potential consequences of not considering the opinions of specialized individuals in the determination of court rulings means that the decision that is made in court can be challenged in by the accused.
The organizational characteristics that have been chosen in this paper include specialization and hierarchy. These organizational characteristics may affect the manner in which an organization functions if changed. The other organizational characteristic that comes in to play in the criminal justice system is leadership. Mott (1972), argues that leadership can be viewed from many perspectives however it is the hierarchical form of leadership that is needed when providing justice. An individual can have his /her court decision made in a lower ranked court. The individual is then given an opportunity to appeal the decision that has been made in that court. If it is a smaller court, then the individual can appeal the case to a court of appeal as it in many cases that involve death-row inmates. This is because such courts are specialized in dealing with some of these cases that are of that particular nature. Additionally, the decision made by the highest ranked court in the nation means that all the other avenues of appeals have been exhausted, and the final decision has been made. The positive impacts of the need to have a hierarchical system in the provision of justice is that it gives both the complainants and the defendants the option of challenging the decisions that have been made in the lower ranked courts. Peak(2012), notes that a possible miscarriage of justice can be rectified by a higher court as some of the higher courts have the power to remove some of the evidences and include other forms of evidence that may not have been considered in the lower ranked courts as noted in my private

If the structure of the criminal system is changed, then there is bound to be many consequences. One of the main impacts of the changes in the criminal systems is the miscarriage of justice. The individual who is accused may find it difficult to get the justice he/she deserves as it may take a long time. If the decision is also made so that it is the public that has the final say, then the probability that the opinions of other people may influence the decision being made on the courts.
The outputs of the criminal justice system thus depend on the various components of the system so that the correct solution is found to the problem at hand. The organization has to ensure that all its components are working efficiently in terms of the leadership and specialization so that the correct decision is made.Get custom written paper at my private

Batra, M. M. (1991). An exploratory analysis of organizational characteristics, business strategies and performance of U.S. export management companies.
Mott, P. E. (1972). The characteristics of effective organizations. New York: Harper and Row.
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