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Persuasive essay talking about stem vs. liberal education

This essay is about the pros and cons of two education forms, STEM, and Liberal arts education. The paper introduces both forms of education whereby the strengths and weakness of each type of education are discussed. It is evident form the research conducted that there are far much more advantages of STEM education over Liberal arts education. There is, however, need to recognize both forms of education in that all have different roles to play in the society. Finally, the paper concludes by giving the opinion of what the writer of the essay thinks is the best education form.
Liberal education is a form of learning whereby individuals are empowered and prepared so as to be able to deal with change, diversity, and complexity. In this form of education, the students are offered a broad knowledge of the wider world that include science, society and culture as well as an in-depth study of the field that the student feels comfortable in. Liberal arts education helps students to develop practical skills such as communication, intellectual skills, social responsibility, problem solving skills, analytical skills, and a demonstrated ability to apply knowledge and the skills that they have acquired in the real world settings.
Over the years, the broad goals of liberal arts education have faced various challenges based on the courses and requirements. Currently, liberal education includes the broad education that is generally based on the curriculum that an individual chooses during the learning process in the various disciplines that the individual chooses.
On the other hand, STEM education which refers to Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics has usually been seen as a met discipline. This is because it is a creation of a diverse discipline that is based on the integration of other various interdisciplinary knowledge into a new Whole. Currently, the interdisciplinary bridging between the different discrete subjects is treated as a new entity. STEM education provides the students with opportunities to guarantee that they make sense of the world holistically as opposed to making sense of the world in pieces and bits. Through Stem Education, the traditional barriers that had been erected in the four different disciplines that make up the STEM education is removed. This is because the STEM education platform integrates the disciplines into a one learning paradigm through the cohesive teaching. In STEM education, an integrated approach is taken so that students are able to use the academic concepts that they have learnt in the real world situations in contexts that make connections between the communities, schools global enterprises and work. This enables the students to increase their literacy levels and give them the ability to compete in the new economy.
The different forms of education, STEM and Liberal arts education, have both disadvantages and advantages. There is a growing question in the American educational stakeholders and policy makers as to the best form of education that has to be promoted. Currently, there is an emphasis that is being placed on STEM education. This however not to say that there are no supporters of the Liberal arts education. Ollis et al. (67), notes that one has to acknowledge that there is an importance to both forms of education. Both areas are critical to ensuring that the population is learned and that the citizens who come out of their education have a special place in the work environment. In the current market environment, there is a need to inspire students to be capable of the files of science and math. This is because they will be in a position to guarantee that they give a positive contribution towards the American economy that is technologically based. Roth (34), notes that in terms of economics, the technological advancements in recent years mean that the students would benefit from the STEM education as the field of technological advancements is immensely expanding. The health industry is also expanding at an alarming rate.
The other advantage of STEM education over the liberal arts education is that currently, the students of the United States seem to be lagging when compared with their foreign counterparts whereby the students in East Asia and china are increasingly improving the methods of STEM education. Due to globalization, the American students would need time to catch up in a competitive environment. There is, however, a downside to the American STEM education. One of the major downsides is that most of the students are choosing not to pursue STEM education. This, however, is not the bigger problem. The bigger problem is that these students do not know individually the value of STEM education. Educators can help fix this problem.
It is evident that STEM education courses are typically more rigorous that Liberal Arts education. This can only b integrated as students would rather choose an easier option than STEM courses. Bender et al. (45), argues that for the students who choose STEM courses, there is an increased boost in confidence especially when they recognize that they are going to be successful. Additionally, the broad nature of STEM education means that the students who have graduated get more job opportunities when compared with students who have major in only one major. This can be due to the different skill sets that the students who learned STEM courses have over the students who learned liberal arts. Additionally, the increasingly global market for individuals who are skilled has resulted in labor mobility. Some of the developed countries are the major senders of skilled workforces to the developing countries. This is to say that there are increasing opportunities for the skilled workforces all over the world.
There is however some concern that there is an increasing development whereby parents and students who have heavily invested in STEM education fret about their chances as the field of technological advances and the domestic markets are looking for ways in which they cut costs and reduce wages. This forces the students to look for options whereby they have to major in some particular majors. Employers have expressed their views on individuals who are able to communicate, think critically and research creatively. This means that the liberal students may have an advantage over the liberal students as they can play many roles. This, however, is the only advantage that the Liberal arts students have over the STEM students. When clearly analyzed, it is the students who take the STEM form of education that have far much more opportunities than the liberal arts student.
In conclusion, it is evident that the two forms of education have both proponents and critics. The choice that one makes determines the career path that one to pursue in future. STEM education proponents argue that it is the best form of education as it provides individuals who are professional in many aspects while liberal arts students major in only one subject that is not even technical. Therefore, I can assert that STEM education is better than Liberal arts is geared towards offering your the best essay writing service.

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