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Positive Fantasies About Idealized Futures Sap Energy,” Heather Barry Kappes and Gabriele Oettingen, Journal of Experimental Social Psychology (July 2011)

This document contains general guidelines for the preparation of the Project Report 3. Please note, that the guidelines are general and for the sake of consistency all students are encouraged to follow them. However, it is quite possible that some project contents and results are better stated in a different format/structure. In such cases, students should develop appropriate modifications to the outline below and inform the instructor. Finally, if you have any questions or need any clarifications, please email or make appointment to discuss.
Each student is assigned a specific paper to review ‐ see Assignments P3 and then file with student IDs and paper titles).
The report has to have all of the sections listed below, unless it is indicated otherwise:
• Cover page
• 1. Copy of the cover page (e.g., 1st page) of the original paper to be reviewed
• 2. Review
• 3. Full bibliographic information for the reviewed paper and explanation on how it was accessed.
• References (if any)
COVER PAGE: Project title (e.g., A Review of Paper X), due date & name of the author (e.g., your name) I. COPY OF THE COVER PAGE OF THE ORIGINAL PAPER [1 page]
Image of the 1st (front) page of the paper reviewed.
II. REVIEW [1‐1.5 pages]
Prepare a concise review of the assigned paper, not exceeding 1.5 typewritten pages (font size 12 and 1.5 spacing). It should have approximately 800‐1000 words. In terms of review structure, try to answer the following questions:
• What issue/problem are the authors of the paper addressing? Quote a sentence (or longer passage) from the text that you think is central to the author’s (or authors’) implicit or explicit argument(s). Cite the page on which it appears.
• Why is it important? What are the implications? In a few sentences, state the author’s explicit or implicit argument. Be sure to include both: what the author is arguing for, and what s/he is arguing against.
• What method(s) did the authors use to build support for their argument, e.g., how were the data collected, how were they analyzed and to what effect (e.g., what practical evidence was created either for or against the original argument)?
• What are the key conclusions and their implications? Suggest what the conclusions drawn by the authors imply for understanding or improving society, relations between individuals, groups or technology.
• Raise a question which you think is not fully, or satisfactorily, answered by the text. The question should be a question of interpretation or of inquiry, not simply a question of fact.
• Say, in a few lines only, how the paper confirms or contradicts your own experience or common sense. 1
The final project report is due on
MARCH 26, 2011 BY 4:00 PM EST

III. FULL BIBLIOGRAPHIC INFORMATION OF THE REVIEWED PAPER AND INFO ON HOW IT WAS ACCESSED [0.5 pages] Provide the full bibliographic details of the reviewed paper, using the following format (also called Harvard style):
[1] Author(s), Publication/Book title, Journal/Publisher, Year (and page numbers if it is a technical paper)
[2] Website XYZ viewed on a particular date DD‐MM‐YY
Explain the procedure by which you have retrieves the full copy of the paper (e.g., copy from the library collection, online database, etc..). Also provide the access timestamp (date).
REFERENCES [0.5 pages]
If you refer to other publications (books, papers, etc.), reference them here. Follow the same Harvard style referenceing as before. Commonly used general rules of citing sources and references can be found at the following website
Project reports have to be submitted in both hard copy and electronically, however the electronic copy submitted via CLEW is considered as a backup. The primary copy is a hard (printed) copy. It has to be provided by the due date either in class or in the IMSE office in EH 236 (ask the secretary for a time stamp).
The hard copy of the final report submitted for grading has to have professional appearance, including the following:
• Has to be typeset in word processing program
• Main report body has to be printed on white 8.5”×11” paper; single sided b&w printing (color printing optional).
• Have two covers (front and back) printed on cardboard stock
• Have a transparent plastic front cover
• Be bound with either spiral or comb binding (stapling or using a three‐ring binder does not count as binding)


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