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Reasons and benefits of information Technology tools and resources used by telecom engineers in a telecom industries

Assignment 1 (individual)

Intent: to explore, discover and report about IT tools and resources used by practitioners in your chosen

area of engineering

Weighting: 35%

Due: refer to Program

Length: 3000-6000 words (around 8 pages)

Task: Explore, Discover, and Report: A brief investigation of information tools and information resources

currently utilized within your chosen engineering discipline. This is an individual assignment with the

end result strictly limited to 8 pages of text (3000 word min – 6000 word max) and supporting

diagrams, tables, and references. Any report exceeding this limit, will be penalised severely – this is

an exercise of conforming to specification.

The purpose of this assignment is to explicitly expose you to the sort of information

technologies employed by practitioners of engineering. The intent is that you investigate an

engineering branch/sub-discipline which is the focus of your studies or employ. If you have a reason

for doing otherwise, such as exploring other career options, you may choose an engineering

discipline other than that of your major/job. Given time and report size constraints, it is not

reasonable to expect an exhaustive consideration of this topic but you are expected to:

Provide a brief definition of information technology, written in your own words.

Provide an brief overview/description of the engineering sub-discipline which is the focus of your


Briefly distinguish the types of knowledge work requiring information technology support, e.g.

management, design, field work, construction, manufacturing, decision support, continual

learning, etc.

Conduct a minimum of two (2) telephone, in-person, or email interviews with practitioners (grab

the phone book if you do not know any personally).

One (1) or more should be in management roles

One (1) or more should be in engineering roles

Read a minimum of four (4) papers specifically addressing some use of information technology in

your engineering discipline that you find through UTSLibraryOnline.

Papers must have been published within the last 10 years.

Read a minimum of two (2) papers that you get from IEEEXplore, the ACM Digital Library, or another scholarly engineering database that discusses technology adoption.

Paper must have been published within the last 10 years.

Read a minimum of two (2) papers that you get from IEEEXplore, the ACM Digital Library, or other scholarly engineering database that discusses organisational transformation.

Paper must have been published within the last 10 years.

Compile a list of information technology tools and information technology resources that are significant to practitioners (managers and engineers) of your chosen discipline.

Information Technology Tools might include things like:

Design, Analysis, Synthesis, Testing

Modelling and Simulation


Project Management


Documentation management

Quality assurance and control

Cost estimation

Bid/Proposal generation

Wireless devices

Information Technology Resources will include things like:

Information repositories / portals

Regulatory bodies

Standards bodies

Professional organisations

Present your list in table form. The words in the table do not count toward the overall word count of the assignment. Each item in the table should include a name, description, reference source, and classification according to the type of knowledge work it supports. Note: the reference source is where to find the resource – NOT who told you about it.

Analyse, synthesize, internalize, and summarize what you have learned in this exercise. The summary must focus on the results of your research and interviews as described above. This summary, in addition to the table above, will comprise the bulk of the report that you submit (about 50% overall).

Further Guidelines for the preparation of assignment 1:

Approximately 50% of your submission should be presenting the information that you have gathered. The other 50% should be your analysis/synthesis and summary.
Do not copy and paste information from the web or other sources. Any quotes must be contained in inverted commas with in-text citations and an entry in a bibliography, also included in your submission, using Harvard style referencing. Submissions will be checked for originality using Students who intentionally or unintentionally do not meet the minimum requirements of academic referencing standards will have action taken against them (consult the student guide for more information)

Your literature review section should list the four (or more) papers that you have found and then briefly present the ideas in these papers. For instance, you might write: Four papers have been identified that are relevant to this area of investigation. These are:

1. Bloggs, B., “IT systems in Civil Engineering”, Journal of Information in Civil Engineering, Vol

2, No. 6, June 2001

2. Nerks, F., Smith, S., “On-line resources in geo-technical engineering”, International Conference on geo-technical engineering, Stockholm Sweden, November 2004
3. Watson, D., et. al., “Impact of IT systems on consulting engineering organisations”, Journal of Organisational Change, Vol 2, No. 8, January, 1998.
4. etc. (note that these are not real references!)

Your practitioner interview section should include the questions that were asked as well as answers given. It should also have full contact details of the people that you interviewed, and how you interviewed them (phone, email, personal, etc.)
Your analysis and synthesis section should form about 50% of your overall submission. In this section, you should bring together the information from your various sources (literature, interviews, tools/resources, personal knowledge and experience, etc.). Your analysis should identify common themes from this information, and/or identify possible points of contention. For your synthesis, you should be able to make informed comments about the validity of these themes or points of contention and possibly provide one or more recommendations about future courses of action.

Hence, one half of your submission should be facts and statements gathered from various information sources. The second half of your submission must be an analysis of these facts and a synthesis of commentary and recommendations.

There should also be a brief (half page max) summary of your overall assignment at the end. If your discipline area is in civil engineering, you may use some other peer-refereed journals besides IEEE or ACM.

Submission requirements for Assignment 1

Your submission must consist of a single document file in either Microsoft word format or portable document format (PDF), preferable, and must be called “Surname_StudentNo.doc” or “Surname_StudentNo.pdf” and be submitted electronically to UTSOnline (e.g. “Patel_10368541.doc”). Use the link provided in the ASSESSMENT TASKS section of UTSOnline (do NOT use the digital dropbox). The filemust include a completed faculty of engineering declaration of originality as the first page. Submissions not meeting these requirements may have marks deducted or not be marked at all.

Criteria: The actual assessment sheet that will be used to mark your assignment (which includes a detailed breakdown of the marks to be assigned) is available for download from UTSOnline.

Submissions will be checked using the ‘turnitin’ software which is embedded within UTSOnline. A short time after submitting your assignment (typically 10 minutes or so) you will be able to view the originality report for your assignment with an overall matching index. Your matching index for your submission must be less than 25%. You can submit multiple times prior to the submission deadline to ensure that you meet this requirement. Submissions not meeting this requirement will be penalised a percentage equal to the turnitin matching index. For example, if your matching index is 26%, your mark will be reduced by 26%.


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