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Report on an information management technology

Assignment 2 – Report on an information management technology Length 2500 – 3000 words Summary Task 1 (44 marks). You will write a business report outlining the current state of one of the technologies discussed in the course work and examining its current and potential usage in information management. (2000 — 2500 words) Task 2 (6 marks). You will also describe your processes in carrying out this assignment in a separate reflective document. (300 – 500 words) Learning outcomes In this assignment you will: • Demonstrate an in-depth understanding of an aspect of technologies used in information management; • Identify articles and other sources on a topic using a variety of search facilities; • Synthesise information about the technology itself with examples of its actual and potential uses in information management; • Create a document which demonstrates your understanding of principles of document management; • Reflect on the processes and problems involved in carrying out this task. Task Task 1 (2000 —2500 words). Your manager has asked you to report on current practices and issues using ONE of the technologies outlined under Topics in an information management context. You will need to: • Describe the technology, its characteristics and recent developments or trends; • Find current examples of the usage of that technology in an information context and/or discussions of planned or potential usage; • Discuss implications of the usage of the technology for an organisation; • Include diagrams or illustrative examples where appropriate. It may assist you to assume you are working in a specific organisation or type of organisation. Task 2 (300 —500 words). You are to create a separate document that should include: • How you approached the assignment, sources used, difficulties you had; • Any comments on referencing, use of referencing guidelines and EndNote etc.; • Interpretation of your Turnitin report, and reflection on your experience of using Turnitin. (You do not need to submit the Turnitin report with your assignment, as your tutor will access it online.) Topics •L.Managing documents during their life cycle – pick one issue /life cycle stage /environment etc., e.g. digitisation, archiving etc.; • Open source software in information management environments – advantages, opportunities, dangers, etc.; • Cloud computing in relation to information centres; •L.Metadata, its benefits and problems- choose a specific aspect or situation e.g. interoperability, government documents, art collections, etc.; •L.How XML is used to manage documents and collections; •L.Current and future directions in the development of the web (e.g. Semantic Web, HTML5, linked data etc.) and their relevance for information centres. These topics are all quite broad and, once you have done some preliminary reading, you may wish to narrow the topic to a particular aspect or type of organisation. If in doubt, or if you wish to pursue another topic, please discuss it with your tutor first. However the following topics are generally not suitable as they have already been covered (or will be in other courses): Web 2.0 (as a general topic although specific Web 2.0 technologies may be suitable), e-books, user-generated (folksonomic) tagging. If in doubt, ask. Requirements You will present your findings as a business report, which contains: •L Title page and table of contents; •L.An executive summary (Unlike an abstract, this should outline your main findings, rather than introduce your topic or summarise your approach, method etc.); • An introduction which describes the specific topic • Headings and subheadings; • Numbered pages and sections; • Direct and clear language with pertinent points; • Examples, diagrams and illustrations as appropriate; • A reference list according to the requirements below. Note that in a business report you are often required to make recommendations. For this assignment you are NOT required to do so, unless you feel it is appropriate. For further guidance on creating a business report, see Chapter 5 of the RMIT Business Written reports and essays guidelines. Referencing and academic integrity • You need to justify any statements you make and acknowledge any sources you use with RMIT Business (Harvard) referencing. • Note in particular the requirements in the RMIT Business Written reports guidelines on direct quotation and paraphrasing. The RMIT online Learning Lab may be helpful here. • Your reference list must include at least ten sources you have cited, including at least five articles from scholarly (peer-reviewed) journals. The others may be in any format or medium you wish, including journal or news articles, web sites, blogs, audio, video etc. Wikipedia articles will not count toward the 10 sources. • You are encouraged to use EndNote to assist with formatting your citations and reference list. However you are responsible for knowing the requirements of RMIT Business style and ensuring that EndNote output substantially conforms with it. If you are unfamiliar with referencing practices or lack confidence with EndNote, it may be better to avoid using EndNote and concentrate on following the referencing guidelines. • You will submit your work to Turnitin, a text-matching program that allows you to identify potential issues with plagiarism (and assists staff with its detection). We recommend you submit your work to Turnitin early to give you the opportunity to address any issues it identifies and to resubmit it before the due date. Further information will be provided on use of Turnitin. Submission method All students must submit their work via the assignment link on Blackboard. This will automatically submit the work to Turnitin and includes the declaration of authorship. Assessment criteria Will include: Research (20 marks) Range of sources used and their suitability to topic Use of evidence to support arguments Depth of analysis Demonstrated understanding of topic and related issues Communication (12 marks) Ability to communicate clearly and concisely, including correct grammar, spelling etc. Use of diagrams and examples to demonstrate the points made Reasoned opinions supported by evidence, rather than simply summarising the content of the various sources. Document structure and presentation (12 marks): Correct use of RMIT Business referencing Use of EndNote (providing that helps you achieve correct referencing!) Well-structured document including use of styles Good document presentation including headers and footers, page numbering etc. Documentation and reflection (6 marks) Extent to which you have documented your processes and important decisions Evidence of understanding referencing principles and role of EndNote (if applicable) Evidence of understanding your Turnitin report and appropriate subsequent action Awareness of problems you have encountered and how you resolved them. References RMIT Univ ersity 2014, Academic integrity: information for students, (includes Turnitin information), RMIT Univ ersity 2014 ,Turnitin student procedures, http:/;ID=f8hspqx4j4mc. RMIT Univ ersity College of Business 2010, Written reports and essays: guidelines for referencing and presentation in RMIT Business, RMIT Univ ersity Learning Lab 2014, Writing skills: Paraphrasing, http:// RMIT Univ ersity Learning Lab 2014, Writing skills: Referencing, RMIT Univ ersity Library 2014, Information and knowledge management : Library subject guide, RMIT Univ ersity Library, RMIT Univ ersity Library 2014, Referencing guides (Harvard or RMIT Business tab), http://www.rmitedu.auilibrary/referencing


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