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Social Media custom essay

Social Media
Social media is a term used to refer to interactions among people, whereby they create content and share or exchange it in virtual networks and communities. Some of the popular social media sites are Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, and Vimeo. Social media serves different functions in society. Social media has been used in education, journalism, marketing, and socializing with others. Twitter as one of the most popular social media sites was originally meant to enable people to publish answers to the question “what am I doing” using 140 characters or less. However, today Twitter has evolved to enable its users to do by providing links to the various information required by the client (Kelsey, 2010).Get custom written papers at my private

Facebook enable its users to interact with friends and even people they have never met. Facebook users can update their status and let other people know what they have been thinking and doing. Facebook also enable its users to post photos, videos, join fan pages and groups. Facebook is the biggest social network in the world with over 132 billion people using it every month. Facebook allows its users to build a personal profile, and exchange messages with other users after adding them as friends. It should be noted that Facebook gives its users a platform whereby they can post anything that they likewithout any minimum restrictions on the characters used as is the case with Twitter which only allows 140 characters as noted in my private

A study conducted by Pew Research in 2014 found that 74 percent of adults that use the internet have accounts with social networking sites. This study also found that by January 2014, 19 percent of adults using social networking sites were using Twitter; 71 percent used Facebook; 17 percent used Instagram; and 22 percent used LinkedIn (Pew Research 2014). The survey by Pew Research also found that by May 2013, 74 percent of people who used social networking sites were women, while 62 percent were men. From February 2005 to August 2006, the number of young people between the ages of 18 and 29 years using social networking sites grew from 9 percent to 49 percent. The increase in the use of smartphones has significantly increased the access to social networking sites. Additonally, the advancement in technology means that the use of these social media sites do not require toomuch education as the smartphones that are available to the consumers have a friendly graphical user interphase that enables the users to communicate with ease as noted in my private

The study by Pew Research also examined the use of social networking sites in relation to political engagement, community, social support, tolerance, and trust. The study found that people are increasingly using social networks to connect with friends; people, who use social network sites, have more close connections and are less likely to be isolated (Collier, 2010).
Moreover, the study found that Facebook users trust more compared to the users of other social networks such as Twitter, and Facebook revitalizes dormant relationships. Concerning politics, social networking sites have emerged as an additional avenue of politics. According to Kelsey (2010, p. 102), generally, social networking sites offer political news, act as a tool for mobilization during elections, and connect people with similar political affiliations. A good example is the Arab spring that is thought to have been massively influenced by social media. The use of the social media in the Arab spring was to relay information on what was happening on the ground and the call for further demonstrations. This did not go well with other governments as they resorted to banning some of the social media sites (Romm-livermore and Setzekorn, 2009).
In the social world, social media already from entertainment platform evolved into a collective entertainment, communication skill, vanity, and personal branding platform. For example, users need to use the group to study, and discussion, ask questions users want to know. If users want to find job, users should be focus on corporate information, or focus on some of your favorite career field that posted the message and the combination of personal branding to selection. And then, analysis Facebook each parts how to support terms of how to support the users, the provision of the how to do certain creation tasks such as the creation of a page or the reporting of an issue or a problem that one has (Lüsted, 2011).
Function Content
Home Provides the general information about the user as noted in my private

Join Groups/Creating a group.
Groups allow you to meet and interact people with common interests or beliefs. A group can be for people who support the same sports team, attend the same church or like the same television show. Be sure to look for business and professional groups that would help with professional networking. You can join an existing group or create your groups. According to Rasmussen et al. (2012, p.67), you can join up to 200 groups 14. If you do not find a group that you want to join, you can create a group for a specific interest or group of people15.
Post status updates on your wall.
Your wall is the profile that your friends see when they access your Facebook profile. To view your own wall, click on your Profile tab. You can post updates on your wall, and friends can write on your wall. You can also add Facebook application content, such as pictures and video, on your wall.

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