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Assessment overview

SPSS ANALYSIS OF VARIANCE research help.Conduct statistical analyses using SPSS to answer some research questions, and write appropriate formal reports. You also need to answer one short-answer question about assumptions associated with a statistical test and whether or not they have been met. All relevant statistical SPSS output should be placed in an Appendix at the end of your document.
Assessment details All of the report-writing tasks refer to the data in the file wbook-1-TP1-2015.say in spss analysis of variance. The aim of this hypothetical study was to investigate issues related to transition to university life, including coping techniques, self-esteem, conscientiousness, depression, and anxiety. In addition, some students participated in transition-to-university programs. The study was conducted on a random sample of first-year students at a Victorian university. The students completed a questionnaire towards the end of their first year at university. Three transition programs were run for new students: 1) a two day orientation program before the first semester commenced, 2) an ongoing peer mentoring program, where previous students acted as a mentor to new students, and 3) ongoing academic mentoring, where groups of students were assigned a member of the academic staff to act as a mentor. Some students did not participate in a transition-to-university program. There is some further information about the data on the following page, followed by the researchquestions that need to be answered.
Information about the data Categorical variables Variable name Categories Gender 1 = female 2 = male Age 1 = post-secondary (21 or under) 2 = mature age (over 21) 2 STA20006 Analysis of Variance Enrolment status 1 = full time 2 = part time 3 = single subject Living arrangements 1 = on-campus 2 —with own family or boarding with a family 3 = independent (renting alone or with other students) Introversion /Extraversion 1 = introvert 2= extravert Transition program 0 = none 1 = orientation 2 = peer mentor 3 = academic mentor Academic problems (a self reported measure of academic difficulties) 0 = none 1 = few 2 = many Metric variables Variable name Measures Scale Higher scores scores indicate Conscientiousness Ability to apply oneself to tasks, to organise, and to plan 7 to 42 Greater conscientiousness Self-esteem Satisfaction with self 0 to 50 Greater self-esteem Depression Decreased levels of enjoyment and feelings of sadness 0 to 50 Greater depression Anxiety Physical and psychological symptoms of anxiety 0 to 50 Family support Amount of support student receives from family 0 to 20 Greater support Use of non-productive coping Extent to which individual uses nonproductive coping strategies e.g., wishful thinking , worrying , ignoring problems 0 to 100 Greater use of nonproductive coping 3 STA20006 Analysis of Variance Use of productive coping Extent to which individual uses productive coping strategies e.g., planning a course of action, working hard, using humour 0 to 100 Greater use of productive coping Strategies Level of adjustment to university Level of adjustment to university life 0 to 50 Better adjustment
You need to use this data to answer the following questions in spss analysis of variance. And produce it in a word doucment Question 1 Do students who make more use of non-productive coping techniques tend to have lower selfesteem? Use the data in the file wbook-1-TP1-2015.sav to investigate this question. Write a brief report on your results, including an appropriate hypothesis test. Quote all relevant statistics. Question 2 Do people who are more conscientious tend to be more depressed? Use the data in the file wbookl-TP1-2015.sav to investigate this question. Write a report on your results, including an appropriate hypothesis test. Quote all relevant statistics.
Question 3a This study allowed an examination of the potential impact of transition-to-university programs. Three transition programs were introduced to the first-year students, to help with their transition to university.
These were: 1. Atwo day orientation program held before the first semester commenced. 2. Ongoing peer mentoring, where previous first-year students mentor a new student. 3. Ongoing academic mentoring, where academic staff mentor new students. Some students opt not to be involved in any transition program of spss analysis of variance. Researchers suggested that the transition programs would help alleviate anxiety throughout the STA20006 Analysis of Variance first year. In particular they suggested that: • students who were involved in the academic mentoring program would be less anxious than students who were involved in the orientation program • students who were involved in the academic mentoring program would be less anxious than students who were involved in the peer mentor program, or • students who were involved in the academic mentoring program would be less anxious than students who were not involved in any transition program. Using the data in the file wbook-1-TP1-2015.sav, carry out appropriate analyses to address these hypotheses. (Note that we expect three separate contrasts in your output) Write a report which addresses the researcher’s hypotheses.
Question 3b Carry out the appropriate analyses to test normality and equal variances assumptions and place these SPSS outputs into yourAppendix. There are four assumptions for the analysis of variance. Have all of these assumptions been met? Justify your answer by referring to the appropriate SPSS output. When answering these questions, use the model reports in the textbook as a guide. Include the relevant SPSS output for both questions in your MS-Word document as an Appendix at the end of your document, but also include any appropriate statistics within your reports. Note: output is considered relevant if you used it in addressing the question.


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