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The arts and business

(Special Notes: You have put page numbers at citation text)
Referencing: Harvard style
2000 Words
Assessment 1: Research assignment
Research into current trends and future strategic directions of the creative economy, incorporating relevant economic, social, legal and/or political issues. 2000 words

You are required to write a reflective essay on an aspect of the creative economy that we have discussed in the first four weeks of class (you will find the four topics that’s discuss in the first four weeks in additional materials attachment files under name study reading list). You should research the topic below. And you should use this opportunity to explore themes of the unit so far. Your assignment should meet the conventions of an academic essay, and should be correctly referenced and you have to follow the mark criteria. You are expected to use a wide range of sources for this essay, including the set readings, further resources listed in the below list and others you have found throughout your reading. (I put all the list sources below and I attached some useful sources and you should use from these sources DON’T use others).
Research questions
The arts and business
‘I reject the idea that business and creativity are incompatible opposites. …
Creativity is not the monopoly of the ‘artist’: it is much wider than that and can be found in education, science and elsewhere. Creativity is in and around us all.’
(Parrish 2005: 7)

‘However it is defined, we argue that the notion of “creativity in business” conveniently ignores the essential elements of what constitutes creativity. In the process of being appropriated from the arts, the concept of creativity, we argue, has been “hollowed out” and refashioned to suit the structures of organization as institution, and its needs as a business organization.’
(Gahan, Minahan & Glow, ‘A creative twist: Management theory, creativity and the arts’, Journal of Management and Organization, vol. 13, 2007: 41).
Are creativity and business irreconcilable?

By Howkins, John
Creative Ecologies : Where Thinking is a Proper Job
p.5: how would you summarise Howkins’s main definitions of “creative” and “repetitive” systems?
P.8: how would you define Howkins interpretation of “creativity” and “creative economy”?

1- Define “creativity”?
Define “creativity” in a business context?
2- How has creativity been conceptualised in.
i. Organizational theory
ii. Organisational efficiency
iii. Personnel management (human resource management)
iv. Organisational culture + innovation
(These are just extra key words to help find research)
And what problems have theorists encountered in defining and managing “creativity” as discrete process?
3- Is creative thinking a skill only required by artists, or do professionals in other domains also need this competency?
How is creativity conceptualised in professions such as education, science, journalism or medicine?
4- How does creativity manifest itself in the business community? i.e. What ways do business people need to be innovative to stay competitive in this globalised world?

Further resources

1- Caves, R., 2000, The Creative Industries, London, Harvard University Press.

2- Close, H., Donovan, R. c1998 Who’s my mar ket?: a guide to researching audiences and visitors in the arts, Redfern, N.S.W. : Australia Council
3- du Gay, P. & Pryke, M. 2002. Cultural economy: Cultural analysis and commercial life, Sage, London.

4- Florida, Richard 2005. The rise of the creative class, Pluto Press, North Melbourne.

5- Hartley, J. 2005, The Creative Industries, Blackwell Publishing, Oxford.

6- Hesmondhalgh, D. 2007. The cultural industries, London, Sage.

7- Howkins, J. 2002, The Creative Economy: How people make money from ideas, Penguin.

8- Kattwinkel, S. ed. 2003 Audience participation: Essays on inclusion in performance Westport , Conn. : Praeger

9- Osborne, D., Wheeler, J. Elliott, D. c1999 Selling the performing arts : identifying and expanding audiences for music, dance and theatre a research report commissioned by the Australia Council and prepared by Woolcott Research Pty Ltd, Surry Hills, N.S.W.

10- Robertson, I. ed. 2005 Understanding international art markets and management London: Routledge

11- Throsby, D. 2001, Economics and culture, Cambridge, Cambridge University Press.

12- Walker-Kuhne, D. 2005 Invitation to the party: building bridges to the arts, culture, and community New York : Theatre Communications Group, 1st ed.


1- Arts Victoria, (viewed July 2010).

2- The Victorian arts funding and policy agency, Arts Victoria has a number of reports specifically about local arts and cultural activity.

3- Australia Council, (viewed July 2010).

4- Australia’s major national arts funding agency and advisory body to the Commonwealth Government. Reports and publications, particularly those under ‘Arts participation’, are useful for your assignments.

5- Compendium of cultural policies and trends in Europe, (viewed July 2010). This is a European guide to the trends and policies for the creative economies of Europe and the website has material that is useful for comparison and identifying international trends.

6- Creative economy, (viewed July 2010). A locally produced digest of news about the creative economy, with links to topical academic and newspaper articles that will be useful for your assignments.

7- Cultural Ministers Council, Cultural data online,
(viewed July 2010). Information about cultural activities and participation in Australia.

8- International Federation of Arts Councils and Cultural Agencies: (viewed July 2010). A source for news of international trends and changes – the publications page of this website is particularly useful.


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