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What are the federal laws influencing channel management and how might they affect Afterschool Depot’s channel policies?


Janet Hains is an entrepreneur and former afterschool programmer administrator. She has been monitoring the education industry for potential trends that may provide an opportunity for her to utilize her experience in starting a new business. In response to an identified increase in childhood obesity rates within the United States, coupled with the increased governmental grant offerings for youth nutrition programs, Janet has started a new company, Afterschool Depot.

Afterschool Depot will produce and sell materials to assist afterschool programmers in implementing nutrition-based programs. Afterschool Depot has just finalized its initial product line and is now in the process of preparing to market its line for sale within the United States as well as several international locations.

Due to financial and human resource constraints, Janet has decided to produce and sell only one product from the proposed product line during the first year of operation. She has selected the Healthy Kitchen to be her first product launch.

The Healthy Kitchen is a mobile kitchen that can be wheeled out onto the playground or into the classroom. It includes an 8-week curriculum to assist afterschool programmers in conducting healthy cooking classes.

Although Afterschool Depot has spent considerable time researching and developing the initial product line, they have not spent much time on developing their overall marketing strategy to include its channel design and implementation plan.

For this assignment, you will again be working with the Afterschool Depot case study. Remember that you are the channel manager for Afterschool Depot and that Beth Nammons, Marketing Director, has assigned you to develop the channel design and implementation plan.

As part of the plan development process, Beth has asked that you help her and other members of the management team understand the issues related to and the answers to the following questions.

What are the federal laws influencing channel management and how might they affect Afterschool Depot’s channel policies?
Do strategic alliances outperform ordinary distribution channels? What is the evidence that they are successful? To what extent can strategic alliances strengthen sustainable competitive advantage? Should Afterschool Depot work to develop strategic alliances within their channels and why or why not?
How can Afterschool Depot’s retail positioning strategy flow from both cost-side and demand-side factors?
What are the typical conflicts that may develop between Afterschool Depot and its wholesalers or retailers and how should each of the conflict types be managed to bring about resolution?

To complete this assignment you are to submit a 6-9 page paper that addresses all of these questions. The paper must include a chart detailing the federal laws influencing channel management. The chart should include a brief description of the laws, as well as an explanation of how the provisions of the laws might affect Afterschool Depot’s channel policies. You may include other tables or charts in the report as you see fit.

The paper must be submitted as a MS Word document and it must follow APA style guidelines.

Assignment 1 Grading Criteria

Maximum Points

Identified and explained applicable laws which might affect Afterschool Depot’s channel policies.


Explained if strategic alliances outperform ordinary distribution channels, evidence of their success, how they can strengthen sustainable competitive advantage and gave a well supported recommendation for Afterschool Depot.


Explained how retail positioning strategy can flow from both cost-side and demand-side factors.


Analyzed the typical conflicts that may develop between Afterschool Depot, wholesalers and retailers and described conflict resolution methods which are feasible and effective.


Written Components:

Organization (16)

Usage and mechanics (16)

Style (8)

APA elements (24)



1. Which molecule(s) can form hydrogen bonds with other molecules of the same compound?

2. Which of the following five molecules has the highest boiling point?: Pentane, Diethyl ether, 1-Butanol, 1-Propanol, 2-Butanol. Explain your reasoning.

3. Describe a method you might use to separate pentane and 1-butanol, explaining how the properties of the molecules allow you to do so.

4. Consider a cylindrical container partially filled with liquid ethanol (C2H6O). How do the rates of ethanol evaporation and condensation change when suddenly a piston enclosing the cylindrical container is moved down, decreasing the volume of the container? How does this system return to equilibrium?

5. Arrange the following compounds in order of increasing volatility. 1-methane, CH4, 2-ethane, C2H6, 3-chloroethane, C2H5Cl, and 4-ethanol, C2H6O. Explain your reasoning.

6. For each pair of compounds listed below, select the one with a higher boiling point. Justify your selection.

H2S or H2Se



CS2 or CO2

CO2 or NO2

7. All molecules attract one another. Yet two liquids, hexane and water are immiscible. Explain why in terms of all pertinent intermolecular interactions.

8. We know that at 25 oC water has a pH = 7.0 and Kw=1 x 10-14. Interestingly, at 100 oC water has a Kw= 51.3 x 10-14. What is the pH of water at 100 oC and is it neutral, acidic, or basic?

9. Consider the relative acidities of the following pairs: H2SO4 vs. H2SO3; HF vs. HI; CH2ClCOOH vs. CH3COOH; H2O vs. H2O2. For each pair, choose the compound of the higher acidity and explain your choice.


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