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Read the question. Make sure you understand exactly what it says. Do not reinvent the title. It is vital that you answer the question not what you think is the question or what you would like it to be.
• Deconstruct the title. Underline key words or phrases. These can be technical terms like sustainability or planning or verbs such as explore, analyses discuss and evaluate. Note each means something different.
• Use the materials and sources/links provided in class and on Blackboard – they are there for a reason! For this module you are not expected to find more sources although you may find it useful to refer back to and use materials from previous weeks for some of the mini essays.
• Before you put pen to paper plan out your model answer. Make sure there is an underlying logic to such a plan i.e. that one argument or paragraph leads logically into the next and that it addresses the question.
• Any essay should have an introduction. This is generally 10% of the word count so might be only a few sentences in length, however it should spell out what it is you intend to do.
• After your introduction define any technical terms. You may also need to explain these terms/concepts and providing examples that are relevant helps to show that you understand. Always assume the reader knows nothing regarding the subject matter.
• Learn what a paragraph is and when to use one. A topic sentence should introduce the main idea, then define/explain your terms if necessary, then use evidence to support the idea, perhaps offer alternatives and then comment on the evidence. Paragraphs on average should be 5 – 8 sentences. Then link and move onto next idea.
• At this level there is no excuse for poor English, grammar and sentence construction. If you have a spell/grammar check on your p/c use it. If English is an issue for you then seek support and help to improve your written English.
• Before you submit your work give it to a proof reader to check it over. Ideally a proof reader should be someone who knows nothing about the subject. If at the end of your essay they can follow what it is you have been discussing perhaps this indicates that you have a clear and concise structure and you have expressed yourself well.
• Every essay is likely to require an argument. It is highly unlikely you will ever have an essay that simply requires you to describe something. In arguing a point you must be able to back up, by reference to published literature, everything you say. Personal viewpoints are never acceptable. Critical writing requires critical reading and critical thinking first!
• Continually refer to the question when making your point. This keeps your arguments focused. It also insures that you address the question.

If you use quotations reference them and give the page number. Also note that they are there to evidence a point. They are not simply a way of padding the whole thing out. Don’t use quotations to make the point for you.
• Most essays require breadth and depth. Breadth comes from making sure that all aspects of the question are answered, concepts are introduced and terms are defined. Depth comes from your ability to highlight as many complimentary references, case studies and examples as possible. Single sourced essays or paragraphs are not appropriate.
• Do not write in the first person. It is not good style. Avoid the use of terms like “I” and “you” and “we” etc.
• Never just copy straight from a text. This is plagiarism. It is easy to spot and will simply be given a mark of zero or if you have done it a lot you will be reported. The same goes for if you copy work from a friend.
• Remember to include a conclusion. Like the introduction it can be quite short. It should summarise and draw the essay to a close.
• Include a bibliography. This should include all the published works you have cited in the text. Remember to use the Harvard system of referencing!!
• Finally never hand in work that you are not happy with. Do a quick quality control check before submission. Are all the pages there? Are they in the right order? Have you included a title page? Is your name on the script?
• Give yourself plenty of time to produce the final product. A rushed essay is invariably a poor essay.
The introductory paragraph should provide a clear introduction to the content of the essay and the approach that will be taken. It should indicate to the reader (usually a tutor!) that you are going to address the issues raised in the essay title or question.
You do this by:
• Using the words and phrases of the question
• Showing you know what issues are implied
• Indicating the main areas of discussion in your essay
• Making sure everything is relevant and linked explicitly to the question
Introductions should indicate both what you are going to do and in what order. In an essay this paragraph performs the same function as the contents page in a report or the overview in a presentation. Should be about 10% of the word count. Often these need a little more detail.
Poor example: “This essay will define EI and then assess whether EI matters” is not really enough and just repeats the question.
Better example: “This essay will first briefly define and describe EI. It will then discuss how EI leaders can influence the emotions of followers, followed by the benefits of effectively managing followers emotions. Finally it will assess the reliability of current research and draw a conclusion as to whether it matters whether a leader has emotional intelligence.”
This is quite long and may have more sections than you will have but it hopefully will give you the idea.
Then make sure your paragraphs follow what you say in your introduction and that each paragraph has a topic (first) sentence that indicates in some way that you are moving to a different aspect. Remember: organise the content first and then write your introduction. It is
Business Leadership and Professional Development Module Study Guide Sept 2015 Page 33 of 36
difficult to write such a detailed introduction if your content is all muddled up together, where paragraphs don’t have one clear point or where you just have one long paragraph.


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